Health Testing and Information
OFA Hips: Excellent,OFA Elbows: Normal,CERF: Normal,Patellas: Normal,Cardiac: Normal,PRA prcd: Clear by parentage
DNA Color Profile: bbee,Coat Type: Fleece,Coat Color: Cream/Gold,Size: Miniature 14 inches & 19 pounds
Country Goldie Locks
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Our wonderful little Goldie girl has a beautiful cream fleece coat with a golden/red hue all
throughout that intensifies on her ears, face, and back! Goldie is a great example of an Australian
Labradoodle, just in a smaller package. She is extremely smart and so intuitive. She aims to please
and can just look at you and know exactly what you need, whether it’s a big kiss, a cuddle on the
couch, or just a ball dropped at your feet when its play time. We are so happy with how she's turned
out and can't wait for more of her lovely puppies! She has proven to be a wonderful asset to our
breeding program and we are so thankful that she is part of the Seashore Labradoodle family!