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We have some amazing Upcoming Litters listed below!
We also have some exciting
Guardian Home opportunities.
Interested Families,
I'm sorry, I do my best to keep up with the emails, but
average response time is 48 hours
. I will always respond to our puppy families & submitted applications
prior to general inquires/questions as our website is fairly current and has the answers to
most questions! If you have not received a response to your application after 48 hours
please resend it. The Photos up are typically the most current!

Also PLEASE read even more info on our Asked & Answered page!              

Litter info is below & If sex is not specified that means it is a mix and I will likely NOT
guarantee a specific sex or accept sex specific applications on that litter.

Please remember, our Adoption Info page goes over more details on the process!
We do reserve the right to charge a higher adoption cost on any "Value Added" puppies, i.e.
any older puppies further along in training, or health care (vaccinations), etc.. Families will
of course be made aware of this prior to moving forward with potential adoption.

Male VS Female?? Please READ this interesting discussion: HERE!

~If interested in any of our loves please submit an Adoption Application!~

PLEASE NOTE: if it says we are accepting applications for a litter there are
openings, however it does NOT mean all the puppies are available. We likely
only have 1 or 2 openings on that waitlist.  ~CLOSED = NO Availability~
Also we are trying to balance many waitlists with wonderful families already
on each of them. Go home/Allocation dates are final, however
once we reach
a certain number of scheduled families (families with deposits in) on those
specified days we will have to close that visit day and start scheduling "new
to the waitlist" families for another day. Remember we meet with each
family individually and still have puppies to care for, so there is only so
much time we can designate for allocation weekends. This is why Allocation
days for litters can change/carry into multiple weekends. However you will
know which date your visit will be for prior to submitting a deposit.

& Just a final friendly reminder...PLEASE take the time to read the information on
our website! I absolutely love spending my time with my fur-kids & raising amazing
babies for my truly wonderful Seashore Labradoodle puppy families!! I have done
my best to answer the majority of the initial basic questions so I can focus on helping
my puppy families & raising their (maybe your) thriving new family members!

(Please do not email letting me know what specific puppy you want to pick up) Info
on our process can be found here:
Asked & Answered page!

               CURRENT AVAILABILITY!                
UPDATED: June 6th 2020
       Upcoming Litters!        

Raina & Arrow! 16-30 pounds
~Apricot, Caramel, Chocolate & Partis~
Going Home August 8th!
    Accepting Applications        

Sienna & Sal!
16-26 pounds
~Apricot, Red, Caramel, & Chocolate~
Going Home Late August
    Accepting Applications        

Violet & Sal!
15-26 pounds
~Chocolates & Partis~
Going Home in September
     Accepting Applications        

Joss & Sal!
18-32 pounds
~Apricot, Caramel, Red & Chocolates~
Going Home in September
    Accepting Applications        

Sherry & Sal
17-27 pounds
~Apricot, Caramel, Red, Chocolates & Blacks~
Going Home mid-October
    Accepting Applications        
**SPECIAL NOTES to potential families:**
The website is CURRENT as of 6/6/20
  • The adoption information (including the process, cost, etc.) IS listed on our
    Adoption Info page HERE!

  • We ONLY breed Multi-gen Australian LABRADOODLES!!
(Please & thank you- DO NOT email us about F1's, Cocka-poos, Goldendoodles, etc.!)
ALSO we do NOT currently breed Standard sized, and have very few Medium-sized litters.

  • VISITATION POLICY: ONLY Families with an approved Adoption Application
    AND confirmed puppy reservation (DEPOSIT) are invited to visit our home, their
    future puppy, the litter, and dogs that live with us, during allocations.
Allocations are scheduled once the litter is 9 weeks of age & have had their 1st vaccination.
NO EXCEPTIONS! Please read & respect our policies that are
put in place to protect your future baby.
We take the health and safety of our family, which includes our dogs and puppies, very seriously!

  • Thank you for understanding that we are a Home Breeder. This means our dogs
and puppies are raised in our family home. We do NOT have a "facility", a store, nor a "kennel".
If someone has emailed and asked to come visit us, our facility, or our puppies/dogs tomorrow, this
weekend, etc. & received no response...we probably did not read it; just as they did not
take the time to
Read about us, or Our Policies!

  • The ONLY way we are able to hold a puppy/spot on a waitlist for you is with an approved
Adoption Application & a non-refundable (but transferable to another of our open waitlists) $300 deposit.
PLEASE do NOT send a deposit via PayPal (or any other method) without our approval & instructions!

If interested in one of our babies, please submit an
PLEASE NOTE: Submitting an application is not a promise to send a deposit, it is to help me understand
what you are hoping for in a new addition, if I have/will have what you are wanting, & if one of my babies
may be a good fit for you/your family!
Submitting an application is the most efficient way for both you & I to
get on the same page & hopefully start the adoption process.

Word Format of Application
PDF Format of Application

email to: info@seashorelabradoodles.com
VISITATION POLICY: Families with an approved Adoption Application AND confirmed puppy
reservation are able to come and visit their future puppy, the litter, and dogs that live with us during
allocations. Allocations are scheduled once the litter is 9-10 weeks of age & have had their 1st vaccinations.
~NO EXCEPTIONS. Thank you for respecting our policies!~
We do NOT sell to Kennels, Pet Stores, or Puppy Brokers.
We want all of our dogs and puppies to live a happy and healthy life, so we offer a Lifetime Take Back Policy. If for ANY reason you can no longer care for your
Seashore Australian Labradoodle we will help you place him/her in a pre-qualified pet home
Below are just a few pictures of some of our past babies!!!
               Our Beautiful Babydolls!                
These sweet as can be babies (not all babes are pictured) have loving and intelligent
temperaments just like their happy parents! They will mature in the 15-28 pound range have
stunning silky fleece coats and tons of love to give!!


Due to the influx of people looking to adopt puppies and the recent COVID-19 concerns
we are limiting our puppy pick-up/allocation days to
5 appointments per (scheduled pick-up) day!
       Our Tiny Teddybears!        
These seriously adorable mini babies are true little loves!!
They have the gorgeous Apricot, Caramel & Parti fleece coats, should mature in the 15-25
pound range, and we expect them to be the sweetest new additions with lots of kisses and
loving to give to their lucky new families!!
~Going Home July 1st!~
Thank you for looking at our Australian Labradoodle Puppies! We only breed top quality fully tested Doodles
with lines that originate from Tegan Park and Rutland Manor breeding stock. At Seashore Labrdoodles we
take great pride in being a
Home Breeder of Australian Labradoodles in Southern California. We make sure
each of our puppies receive the absolute best care and sociali
zation possible!  
If you would like to get on a wait list for one of our litters please fill out our Adoption Application & for
more information on the adoption process (including cost) visit our
Adoption Info page.
We love it when you join us on Our Blog, Facebook, & Instagram!
Please scroll all the way down this page to view all current and upcoming litters, Enjoy!
Available Puppies
        Our Totally Chunky Monkeys!        
These beautiful & hunky chunky babies are absolute cuddle bugs! They have the amazing
Apricot, Caramel, Chocolate & Parti fleece coats, should mature in the 18-34 pound range,
and we expect them to be smart happy go lucky loves just like their parents!
~Going Home July 11th!~
             Accepting Applications                
                Our Stunning Chocolate Drops!!!                
These stunning chocolate and chocolate parti mini babies with unique phantom markings
are so fun to watch grow and evolve!! We expect them to mature in the 15-25 pound range
and be sweet and happy little smarty pants just like mama and daddy!
~Going Home July 18th!~
             Accepting Applications