Please feel free to email us with anyunanswered questions that you may have and
remember we offer lifetime support to all our puppy families!
Some Questions We Get Asked...Answered!
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  • What is your Visitation Policy?  ONLY Families with an approved Adoption Application AND
    confirmed puppy reservation (DEPOSIT) are invited to visit our home, their future puppy, the
    litter, and dogs that live with us, during allocations. Allocations are scheduled once the litter is
    9 weeks of age & have had their 1st vaccination. Absolutely NO EXCEPTIONS! Please read &
    respect our policies that are put in place to protect your future baby. We take the health and
    safety of our family, which includes our dogs and puppies, very seriously!
  • Where are you located? We are located in southern California. We currently go between
our homes in northern San Diego county, and Long Beach, CA.
  • Okay but where are your puppies?? Hold on, let me ask my assistant.... Just kidding :-)
We are a home breeder, so our puppies, and dogs that live with us are with us of course.
  • Where are your dogs located?? We do utilize Guardian Homes for some of our breeding
    Labradoodles. This enables us to focus on raising our puppies, as well as taking care
    of/spending time with our own forever fur-babies; whilst also ensuring that each of our
    breeding dogs is a pampered and beloved family pet! A Guardian Home is a family located in
    Southern CA that is entrusted with one of our top-quality breeding dogs as their own family pet.
    We raise and test these sweet future mamas & papas, then place them in their wonderful
    Guardian Homes once they are 3-8 months old. The mama's and papa's come to visit us
    frequently for cuddles with their 1st mommy (me), vet appointments, breedings, & to have and
    raise their babies. Then they go back home to their forever families! Once the dogs are retired,
    full ownership is transferred to their Forever (guardian) Family. If interested in our Guardian
    Program please email us!
  • Male VS. Female? Just like with people temperament and training plays a crucial role. There
    really is minimal difference in behavior; hormonal or otherwise, between male and female. This
    is an interesting discussion on males vs. females: HERE
  • What are allocations and how does it work? Do I get to pick my own puppy? What if I am last
    on the list? Puppy allocations are when families on the waitlist (waitlist means approved
    application AND submitted deposit) for a certain litter are invited to our home to visit the
    available puppies, finalize which puppies will be theres, and take there new baby home.
    Allocations are scheduled when the puppies are between 9-12 weeks of age. As for picking your
    own puppy yes & no. We take each family on our waitlist and each puppy into consideration!
On allocation days each family is scheduled individually in the order of deposits received. I will
meet with each family and they will have 1-4 puppies to choose from based on: size of litter, place on
waitlist (ie when deposit was received), their application and how specif it was (color, sex, size, coat,
etc.), and most importantly temperament (what is best for the family and my puppy/ies).
At their young age puppies are usually operating (all at different times) in and between 3 stages;
sleepy, normal, zoomies (crazy playtime). So in short after knowing them for 9 + weeks I know their
true temperament best. Having 8 or even 5 adorable sweet little puppies to choose from all in their
varying activity stages would not be conducive to finding the family AND the puppy's best forever
match. If you are last on the waitlist of course you won't have multiple puppies to choose from but
rest assured we have still placed a puppy with your family that is a wonderful fit! If for some reason
you decide our darling baby is not a good match you can definitely move your deposit to another
litter with availability! We feel this is the best way to take every individual puppy and family into
account, while still letting everything happen as it is meant to be!
And yes your new baby
does typically go home the same day as your scheduled visit!!
  • I understand, but I would like to be 1st or 2nd to choose my puppy. How do I make this
    happen? I am sorry but that is not (exactly) how it works for us, & no you cannot pay extra
for 1st or 2nd pick (yes we get asked this!). Yes, order of deposit does take precedents if there
is a puppy/ies that may be a good fit for multiple families! However there are many factors involved
in the initial deciding of which puppies & families are a good potential match. We thoroughly enjoy
working with each family individually to find our babies their best forever home while still letting
the families meet and for the most part choose their new fur-baby. This is how we do it plain
& simple. There are other fabulous breeders that do it 100% based on deposit placement, or 100%
trainer assignment, temperament testing, etc. etc. SO PLEASE choose the breeder that fits best
with what you are hoping for instead of trying to force your expectations on their program that
they have poured years of love and devotion into!
  • Can I come visit your facility, site, or kennel? NO, because we don't have any of those,
just our HOME!
  • Can I just come visit and meet some of your puppies and dogs? Sure! IF you have an approved
    Adoption Application AND confirmed puppy reservation (DEPOSIT) with us you will be invited
    to visit our home, your future puppy, the litter, and dogs that live with us, during allocations.
    Allocations are scheduled once the litter is 9 weeks of age & have had their 1st vaccination.
  • I am in your area! Can I come visit tomorrow or Saturday...etc. etc.? PLEASE see above &
    many other pages on our website for info on our Visitation Policies.
  • Okay well I was really hoping to visit you today, I would like a puppy and I am visiting a few
    other places today so I was really hoping to add you to the list?
REALLY?!? This is honestly the most infuriating and insulting of all the things we get asked.
This is exactly why we have such strict policies and procedures. What exactly would one hope to
hear when asking this question? "Sure come on over, I will make myself available for you. Don't
bother following our policies stated all over our website like all of our other wonderful puppy
families!! We would love for you to go visit other breeders, kennels, pet stores, maybe a puppy mill,
shelters, etc. then come on over to our HOME and bring all those potentially devastating viruses you
may have come in contact with and share them with my family, beloved pets, and sweet young
puppies who have not had all their vaccinations!"
  • Oh your allocations are in Long Beach right now. OR Oh your in San Diego right now.
Huh okay well next time you're closer to me in (fill in the blank) give me a call and I will just
come by?
Yes of course!!! I will definitely do that
& I will have champagne & caviar awaiting your arrival!
  • I would like to talk to you about your availability, price etc.? Our Availability is usually fairly
    current on our Available Puppies page. There are two places with dates of the last update
    towards the top of the page. Also feel free to email us regarding availability! We also have an
    Adoption Information page with all the pertinent details including price.
  • I would just like to talk on the phone, I have some questions can you please call me at #?
If it is convenient, but it's usually not, we will schedule phone calls for general questions and
inquiries. Please take the time to review all the information on our website. Once you have reviewed
our website, emailed with any unanswered questions and submitted an adoption application so I have
a better understanding of what you are looking for (and if I even have/will have what you are hoping
for in a new addition) I would be more than happy to set up a phone call to discuss further.
  • Well I would just like to talk on the phone with you. Its a 5-minute phone call?
I understand, however if I take 10 hopefully just "5-minute phone calls" a day that is 50 minutes
taken away from my family (including my dogs & puppies), and my puppy families who have
submitted an application. Please see above.
  • Well I have not yet emailed you but I called the number on your Contact Us page 6 times now,
    left 2 voicemails & sent a text!! How can you offer a lifetime of support and help your puppy
    families if you never answer the phone??
Hello, and thank you for trying to blowup my phone in order to avoid the apparent hassle of reading
our website, and emailing us with any questions you may have.
Please see above for information on
scheduling a phone call.
Our priorities for phone calls and most things in general are as follows; 1.
Our Family (including dogs/puppies 2. Our past/present Puppy Families, 3. Future Puppy families
who have submitted their adoption application and deposit
4. Families who have submitted an
Adoption Application
5. General Inquiries & Questions. If you fall into category 1-3 you have my
personal cell # so give me a call or text!...& yes the dogs & puppies do also have my personal # on
their collars or microchip info but sadly they never call me :-(  
If you fall into category 4. Hopefully
we have already had a chat on the phone but if not email me and lets set up a phone call!
If you fall
into category 5.
Please see above, & above, & above, & all the other information throughout our
website and feel free to email with any questions!

  • So we have sent you pictures of the puppies (if you are on our Waitlist), one of which is your
    future baby!?! I know how exciting this time is and I am so happy to share the babies with you
    as they are growing! BUT please remember our Allocation Process explained above. I am NOT
    sending you these pictures for you to pick your baby, puppies are not picked/allocated until I
    meet with you in person on the designated allocation day.
  • BUT that one puppy with the tilted head (or white spot on its head/toe/chest, blue eyes, perky
    ears, etc. etc..) is meant to be my puppy! I just KNOW it!! Yes, albeit rare we do get these
    messages occasionally from our future families...even based on sleeping newborn pictures. If
    you are on one of our waiting lists we have spoke on the phone about your preferences
    (including the physical) and we agreed on a certain litter's waitlist that is the best fit for you
    and/or your family. During that phone call we also discussed the MOST important thing...
    TEMPERAMENT! I'm sure you realized that the white toes, floppy ears and, one adorable
    photo have absolutely nothing to do with the puppies temperament? They are changing every
    day/week in the first few months and pictures of the same puppy can vary greatly based on how
    tired they are, lighting, how they are sitting, holding their ears and more. Hopefully after
    reading this you understand more on why we do things the way we do. This is not Build a Bear
    and we are dedicated to finding the best fit for our babies and our puppy families! Again the
    Allocation Process is explained above.
  • Okay, I understand but based on the photos their is only one puppy in the entire litter that I
    think will work for me! Should I let you know?  YES, please let me know because it may be
    best for you to move to another litter's waitlist or another breeder may be a better fit for you.
  • Can I visit? If you are on one of our litter waitlists you will be invited to visit on your litters
    specified allocation day.
  • I would like to visit before the allocation day. No, you will not be able to visit prior to the
    allocation day. The visitation policy is, and always has been, extremely visible on various
    places throughout our website and states no exceptions. No one outside of those necessary (me,
    family, and vets when needed) interact with our puppies prior to their 1st vaccination given at 8-
    10 weeks of age. After that we only schedule visits on the specified allocation days for families
    on the wait list. If you have noticed we are also usually juggling multiple waitlists and
    Allocation days. These allocation days are so exciting for our puppy families but extremely
    stressful for my family, dogs, mommies and young puppies & ME! They are an average of 6
    straight hours of juggling puppies going home, their new families, questions and more. This
    does not include the prep work of getting the puppies ready to go to their new homes, vet
    appointments, balancing the other waitlists and litters, extra cleaning, readying
    paperwork/files/goodie bags, & scheduling a family member to be with my new moms and young
    puppies to keep them calm and safe while I am busy for several hours on the allocation day.
That being said I feel meeting individually with each of the families is important for me, them and my
babies so I continue to do allocation visits on the specified dates at our HOME!
So again, no you cannot visit before the allocation day, I will not schedule a private visit for you
prior to all the other families patiently waiting on the same waitlist as you, and there are no
exceptions. Thank you for understanding!
A few of these are completely normal questions that I am happy to answer; & others, well lets just say yes,
I really do get asked these questions and unfortunately not just on the rare occasion.